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Out of 2,756 scholarship awardees worldwide, 153 Indian students have been awarded the prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarships this year. With this, India ranks first for the second consecutive year among 167 countries.

The 153 students (74 females and 79 males) have been selected out of 756 applications submitted by Indian students, a success rate of 20.3%. To mark this success, the Delegation of the European Union to India organized a virtual event for the Indian students who have received a scholarship for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme.

Congratulating the winners, H.E Ugo ASTUTO, Ambassador of the European Union to India said “The Erasmus+ programme offers students from across the world state-of-the-art education opportunities in different disciplines, as well as new and innovative teaching methods. Indian students have for the second consecutive year obtained the largest number of scholarships worldwide in this very competitive programme. The mobility of students and researchers is an important dimension of our relationship, as it fosters the free exchange of ideas, opinions and culture.”

The Indian students selected for the Erasmus Mundus 2021-2023 batch will have the opportunity to study and conduct research in at least two universities located in different European countries and obtain a joint, double or multiple degree in a wide variety of topics such as big data management, life sciences, food innovation, environmental sciences, urban climate and culture. The fully funded scholarship will cover tuition fees, travel costs and living allowance of the recipient. Selected Indian students collectively will get an opportunity to stay and experience over 20 different European countries during a time span of two years.

The recipients of this year’s Erasmus Mundus scholarships come from leading higher education institutes in India and will study in a wide range of prestigious European universities. Students will start their studies in a range of EU Member States and other countries: France (45), Italy (15), Belgium (14), Finland (10), Portugal (10), Spain (10), The Netherlands (7), Germany (6), Poland (5), Greece (3), Sweden (3), Austria (2), Denmark (2), Estonia (2), Hungary (2), Czech Republic (1) and United Kingdom (14), Norway (1), Turkey (1).

The Secretary-General of the Association of Indian Universities, Dr (Mrs) Pankaj MITTAL congratulated the Indian students and encouraged them to take advantage of the Erasmus Mundus scholarships which offers besides quality education, a framework for exchange of views and dialogues between individuals and groups of different cultural backgrounds. She reiterated that Erasmus Mundus plays a vital role in promoting global citizenship and openness to understanding of others. She also encouraged the Indian students to return after this rich experience .and contribute to India’s development

Adrian VEALE, Policy Officer, European Commission, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, added to the congratulations in this very competitive programme. Students can be really proud and give themselves a pat on the back for being awarded this scholarship. He also underlined the excellent education offered by the programme to which Indian students will certainly contribute. He encouraged students to be curious and ask questions, which is the European way of education. Above all he wished students to enjoy their journey in Europe.

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