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Toppr, one of India’s largest Edtech platforms, recently achieved another milestone while furthering its goal of delivering personalized learning. Over 1 billion questions have been practiced by students on Toppr since its inception in 2013.

Speaking on the milestone, Zishaan Hayath, Founder & CEO, Toppr said, “Adaptive Practice is one of the foundational elements of our tech stack. More than 1 billion questions practiced means we have as many data points to inform our machine learning engine. Such a milestone reinforces our belief that students find immense value by practicing and attaining better results in their learning journey.”

Toppr’s success story in the Edtech space over the past eight years is worth mentioning. Toppr has evolved into the go-to platform for competitive exam preparation, with students of classes 11 and 12 making up to 40% of the volume of questions practiced.

Moreover, the majority of the questions were related to Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. These subjects together account for 74% of the questions practiced. The emphasis on these subjects is a manifestation of Toppr’s dominance in the competitive exam space such as the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).

Besides these subjects, there was significant activity in English grammar as well. In fact, all of the top 10 practiced questions on the platform relate to English grammar. The English language subject saw approximately 8% of the practiced questions.

While we may believe that students usually practice questions right before the exams, this is not reflected in the data. The months of April and May, which see board exams and competitive exams take place, saw higher student engagement than normal. However, the platform registered comparable student engagement in the remaining months of the year as well.

Grade-wise data also brings out interesting stats about the target subjects among students. Questions from Science and English were most practiced across classes 5 and 12. Only in class 9 did we see that math topics are the most commonly practiced questions.

The Edtech platform proudly boasts of its ability to help students round the clock, often proving to be the most reliable destination for exam preparation. The claim is well proved statistically. As per Toppr, about 7.7 million students have used the practice product late in the night, between 2 am and 4 am.

Toppr has developed an adaptive learning product, wherein students start with easy questions, and the difficulty level increases progressively based on accurate and quick answers by the student. Effectively, that means the proficiency level of the students increases as they practice more questions. This feature has emerged as a major success with students. Students practiced 2550 questions on an average on the platform in the last 14 months, showing their firm belief in Toppr as the ultimate destination for learning by practice.

The 1 billion milestone is a validation of the trust that more than 24 million students have put in Toppr over the span of 9 years for developing the competitive edge in their preparation. This serves as an inspiration for building Toppr, the ultimate platform in the K-12 space.

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