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As per the directives of U.P State Council of Higher Education, the admission process was completed for all courses and the students were called for an offline orientation program.

The orientation program was organized on 13th September, 2021 for the welcoming of the new students of School of Nursing. The Induction Program will be taking place from the 14th September, 2021 to 17th September, 2021 and the commencement of classes will be from 20th September, 2021. The students along with their parents attended the orientation program which began with student registration at 10 AM. Dignitaries of Noida International University – Honorable Chancellor Dr. Vikram Singh, Honorable Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr. Prasanjeet Kumar, Respected Registrar Dr. Jayanand, Respected Controller of Examinations Dr. Alok Jain, faculty members and Chief Guest of the event Major General Dr. Manu Arora, the Medical Superintendent NIIMS graced the occasion with their benevolent presence.

Introduction to orientation was given by the Master of the ceremony Ms. Liji Chaudhary, followed by the kindling of the lamp which was accompanied by Saraswati Vandana.

A brief welcome speech was given by Ms. Shivani Sharma, H.O.D. School of Nursing. The distinguished dignitaries of Noida International University addressed the students with their motivational words and experiences. The event was taken forward by the dynamic address of the Director of School of Nursing, Dr. N.H. Simon.

A brief description of the institute, which included the motto, history and reputation of the university and college along with the recent achievements of the institution, was given by the Director, Dr. N.H. Simon with a presentation and an encouraging video.

The event had an open house session where the new students were given a platform to share their experiences and their queries. Last but not the least, the Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms. MC Kniranda. The event concluded with a photography session followed by some light refreshments. Post refreshments, the students were allotted separate groups and were taken around the campus and the classrooms, thus completing the orientation program.

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