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Three students of IIIT Delhi, Rohan Rajpal (CSE 4th year), Srijan Jain (CSD 3rd year), and Royal Tomar, (CSD 4th year) recently won HackInOut 7.0, the biggest community hackathon in India. They achieved this feat by developing “SevaShop”, a mobile application that helps service-based businesses like salons, spas, car workshops, fitness centers, etc to set up an online shop in just 15 seconds.

HackInOut has been impacting the lives of builders all over India since 2015, and InOut alumni have been able to create great companies and achieve monumental milestones. This year, even though the program was organized online due to Covid-19 restrictions, it received a total of 6042 applications from all over the world, out of which, only 141 teams were selected to participate. Team Growwmore from IIIT Delhi comprising Rohan, Srijan, and Royal, was able to grab a spot among the top 5 teams that dominated the competition.

The team was also able to raise Rs. 1 Lakh through a quadratic funding model which was introduced for the first time. The SevaShop app offers several benefits to both the businesses as well as the customers. They are as follows:

Benefits for businesses:

  • Create an online store in 15 seconds.
  • Create and share service catalogs on WhatsApp, Telegram & Signal.
  • Receive payment from multiple channels
  • Maintain a customer database for promoting offers.
  • Get readymade promotions & graphics to share on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
  • Automate book-keeping.
  • Manage service requests.
  • Track staff performance & incentives
  • Get detailed analytics to understand customers & grow business

Benefits for customers:

  • Easily book services without downloading any app.
  • Scan QR code at the shop to visit the shop website.
  • Listing of every service with time and cost.
  • Multiple online payment options.

Talking about the necessity of the SevaShop app, Rohan Rajpal, CTO, said, “Let’s say you want to book a slot at a barbershop near you; there is no easy way for Individuals like us to do that. The easiest way for services to go online right now is to list on aggregators, but doing so destroys the business’s brand and reduces margins. With SevaShop, we are hoping to address this issue and make it easier for service-based businesses to find customers and vice-versa.”

“There were several challenges that we faced during the entire process. Web development was something none of us had done before, so finding the right technologies and tutorials was quite a task. However, we stayed firm to our purpose, persevered, and never looked back. Thankfully, our efforts have paid off, and we look forward to taking this app to even broader audiences,” said Royal Tomar, CDO.

“We indeed faced many challenges but the biggest challenge of all was to onboard initial customers. Now we have figured out what exactly our customers want and we can get their business online in 15 seconds.,” echoed Srijan Jain, CEO.

The SevaShop app is already on play store and the trio aims to onboard 500 customers by the end of this month.

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