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As India gears up to meet the emerging challenge of providing employment to its massive youth population (Young people between 18 and 29 years constitute 22% of India’s population), an online learning space is already thinking ahead. TreeHouse, known for borderless pre-school educational modules, will now start virtual livelihood education courses for Class 6 to Class 9 students. From banking, law, e-commerce, aviation and business administration, these courses will cover a gamut of subjects and immerse young minds in skills they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

TreeHouse is the first mover in this space of virtual vocational learning at a time when the New Education Policy underscores the importance of life skills. Founder and CEO, Rajesh Bhatia says, “Rote learning is not enough to make students future-ready. They need to learn how the world functions before they join it as contributing adults. If they join the workforce as skilled individuals, the problem of unemployment will be reduced substantially.”

Rajesh reminds that even after acquiring formal degrees in B.COM, many young people don’t know the basics of filing the NEFT form. He says, “The gap between practical smarts and theoretical understanding is vast and must be bridged. It is important hence to expose students from a young age to actionable knowledge that will hold them in good stead as adults. We have also kept our fees low (at just about Rs 2500) to make it affordable for everyone.”

The curriculum of each of these certified, authentic courses is ready to go and Rajesh adds, “The courses begin with an exploration of basics, discussion of history, and then we dive deep into the teaching of life skills which could be something as basic as writing a cheque, etc or something as advanced as coding. We have also ensured that our faculty constitutes only the best experts in the field.”

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