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The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has brought about some serious yet imperative intrusions in our lives and among the most affected sectors is the Education sector, as remote learning is now the new normal. Thanks to technology in education in the form of EdTechs, the road has been relatively easier for all stakeholders, including institutions, teachers as well as students. EdTech platforms have in fact been gaining in popularity for long, but year 2020 has increased our dependency on them profoundly. The previous year was full of challenges for teachers, students, parents alike but online education wasn’t an alien concept, thanks to EdTech platforms. In fact, gamification of the entire learning process has helped students across all grades and streams. Here are some of the renowned EdTech brands that have been emerged as a boon for K-12, i.e. school students.


Aristotle has made up its outstanding place in the field of K-12 Edtechs since its inception. The premise of the platform is based on making use of data-driven results and assessments to make learning enjoyable yet useful for the students. The platform strives to make the best usage of artificial intelligence in order to create massive bank of accurate data, which can easily be accessed by both teachers as well as student. One of the flagship products of Digital Aristole, India’s first social learning app Aristotle works as a point of convergence for students, teachers, schools, and tuition centers. Based on the curriculum, the app offers several quizzes and challenges to make the process of learning fun.


Toppr is a platform that offers perfect solutions for online exam preparations for K-12 students. This Edtech platform works well with entrance examination formats such as SAT, NEET, JEE, etc. Students can make use of reciprocal video lessons, questions sets with solutions, and expertise of professionals taking doubts clearing sessions for students. Founded in the year 2013 by Mr. ZishaanHayath, Toppr has been gaining high rankings among the Edtech platforms in India. Students preparing for medical as well as engineering exams can make the best usage of this said platform.


Yet another Edtech platform making a place for itself in the arena is Meritnation. An online startup initiated in Delhi, Meritnation has been rising in reputation since its inception. The Edtech platform offers solutions for students of classes ranging from 1st to 12th. Moreover, the solutions cater to all kinds of boards, such as CBSE, ICSE, as well as other state boards. In addition, meritnation also provides proficiency examinations, Olympiad preparation packs, and appropriate study material.


Unacademy is another Edtech platform making education reach hundreds and thousands of students across the country. Initiated as a youtube channel, Unacademy is not counted among the best Edtech startups in India. The said platform brings experienced teachers to offer perfect teaching lessons to the students. In fact, you can find around 2400 online courses for students related to different subjects and niches. Though most of these online courses are absolutely free of cost, you need to pay for some of the elite online courses.

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