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Edulyte, an edtech startup has launched interactive live classes & video conferencing for the students. The company offers personalised learning and self paced e-learning sessions, connecting qualified educators & students across India. Edulyte currently offers live classes and courses across many fields at an affordable cost. The courses include Accountancy, Computer Classes, Economics, English, Math, Physics, Science, French & German as well as preparing students for CAT, CA, CFA, GMAT, IELTS. Besides, K-12 students and students from colleges and universities, job seekers and working professionals can also benefit from this platform without leaving the comfort of their homes.

The students can simply register free and book a 60-min-free-class and later opt for a paid course depending on their subject / area of interest. The students get instant access to tutorials, start self paced courses and get live help from educators in practicing their subjects and clarifying their doubts. Additionally, the students are provided with a classroom at home with a highly interactive learning environment and personalised attention from qualified and trusted tutors.

According to Gajendra Jaiswal, Founder – Edulyte, “Today, the students are grappling with learning issues like remote learning, understanding the concepts, high competition, time management, uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic etc. In order to help the learners, we are bringing innovation in the learning process. Recorded lectures are not sufficient, learners need personalised attention and instructions to excel, technology is improving everyday and nothing can replace the value added by an excellent teacher in the learning process. Edulyte is introducing self paced learning using digital technologies, online live classes and a highly interactive environment thus benefiting the students immensely”

He added that the aim is to democratise education and improve its quality. Every learner has unique needs, personalisation of instructions, as per learner’s needs is encouraged. Our focus is on educating students and uplifting educators.

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