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Kraftshala, one of India’s best online learning platforms which has helped more than thousands of students achieve their goals, is pleased to announce its fourth annual Kraftshala LIVE sessions dedicated to Cracking Summer Placements for first-year Business School students. The sessions will be conducted by one of India’s highest-rated marketing trainers, Mr. Varun Satia, Founder and CEO of Kraftshala. Set for two dates, 3rd and 10th October, starting at 7pm, the Kraftshala LIVE sessions will be a total of 90 minutes each, with the last 30 minutes reserved for a Q&A session with the host. The Kraftshala live sessions have catered to numerous students from colleges like IIMs, FMS, XLRI, IIFT, etc. and helped them crack coveted summer placements, all for free

The live session will act as an A-to-Z step-by-step guide for students who want to score the top placements during summer in their respective colleges. Backed by an abundance of knowledge and experience in the field, Kraftshala’s founder will share extremely valuable insights for anyone who is looking for an edge as they compete with their peers for the placement positions.

The LIVE session will include a brief about: a)how to succeed in online interviews b) frameworks for solving the most common marketing hurdles or issues c) additional upskill resources with emphasis on sales, marketing and personal storytelling. Usually a training session as valuable as this is extremely difficult to find, and the ones already available cost students thousands of rupees, and are extremely exclusive. But Kraftshala has always put the betterment of students above anything else and therefore, this session has been made completely free and open to all.

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