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In an endeavour to strengthen its initiative of making quality education accessible for under-served children through #EdTechForNayaBharat campaign, ConveGenius Foundation launched ETNB Mission (EdTech for Naya Bharat Mission) on the Teachers’ Day 2020. ETNB Mission aims to become a self-sustainable community to ‘build a better tomorrow for every child’. Through ETNB Mission, ConveGenius Foundation will take affordable, meaningful, and engaging EdTech models to every corner of India.

Under ETNB mission, every contributor in the community will actively work towards providing optimized and effective models of educational technology to children, notwithstanding their parents’ income. The changemakers will understand, share, discuss, and create new ideas on how EdTech can reach the root levels and impact the 100 million students at the bottom of the education funnel.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr Shashank Pandey, co-founder, ConveGenius, said, “ETNB mission, an initiative by our non-profit arm ConveGenius Foundation, will create and sustain a community of like-minded individuals who regularly experiment with EdTech to use successful solutions that bridge learning gaps for the masses. It also aims to stand as a pillar for the many education-based NGOs and affordable schools who are disturbed by the pandemic by sharing with them, our WhatsApp based learning platform, a simple and efficient home-learning model. Through this, we will adequately serve the educational demands of Naya Bharat – an India that is digital-ready, aspirational, and ‘Atma-nirbhar’.”

ETNB community has started conducting discussions and dialogues related to education and technology through ETNB Samvad. These webinars will bring together stakeholders around the country to build a strong community of changemakers in education. The first Samvad was conducted on Teachers’ Day i.e. 5th September 2020 where the panellists discussed Remote Learning with Teachers: Challenges, Ideas, and Strategies.

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