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For off Campus courses The Design village (TDV) took 50 students to Saroda Village,Garhwal, Uttrakhand. Those were foundation year students currently in the UG and PG programs in their second semester. This off campus course aimed to create a sense of togetherness within the batch.

A range of activities were set for students from sketching textures, patterns and objects found in their natural surroundings. This was followed by a thorough ethnographic map of the entire village via sketching, perspective drawings were made of native dwellings.

Pritesh Maru, Mentor and Facilitator at TDV said "The village was primarily about togetherness and a sense of oneness within the students. This is so to evoke a sense of empathy by working with people outside their context and understand design from a grassroots level.”

This 6 days course transforms students by stimulating their mind and forming a bond within themselves and the village community.

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