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McGraw Hill has recently launched a comprehensive guide to prepare for the CUET exam called ‘CUET – How to Excel’ by Madhukar Kumar Bhagat. This book will be very useful for students seeking admission to UG programs offered in all Central Universities for the academic session 2022-`23, a recent change by the Ministry of Education. The exam will provide a common platform for candidates across the country—especially those from rural and other remote areas—and help them connect better with universities.

The book offers comprehensive guidance for the test of English for Section IA and the General Test of Section III. It contains the specific requirements of each of these test domains, the nature of questions to expect, the required study material, and how to go about preparing for the exam. With over 2,700 questions, 20 practice papers (10 of each of the two sections), hints and solutions to the challenging problems, and many illustrative examples, the product is a one-stop solution for students preparing for the CUET examination.

Book Features

  • Easy to understand and comprehensive coverage of syllabus
  • Exhaustive and thorough structuring of topics, along with bullets, tables and so on, for simple learning
  • Numerous examples and illustrations to help understand and retain lessons
  • Requisite inputs of theory and guidance material added for better understanding
  • Strategies for preparation with tips and tricks to solve questions efficiently
  • High-quality comprehension passages in the first section with apt pattern and standard of questions to enable better grasp by aspirants
  • Over 2,700 MCQs to offer sufficient practice, along with hints and solutions to challenging problems

The exam will be held in the first week of July and help students get into their dream colleges.

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