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In a move that highlights superior women empowerment in India, BridgeLabz Solutions LLP – one of the largest IP-driven incubation labs aimed at nurturing engineering talent and ideas emerging in the technology space – has achieved an enrolment of more than 45% women engineers in its ongoing 30 days online CodinClub Bootcamp. Currently, more than 800 candidates are engaged with BridgeLabz in its 30-day coding boot camps. BridgeLabz offers such boot camps to upskill the fresh engineering, IT talent in India and improve the overall coding proficiency. Doing so enhances the employability of the IT resources and advances them on a higher career path. BridgeLabz further connects top-performing candidates with its partner companies for assured jobs.

Following lockdowns, BridgeLabz has been able to expand its effective reach to tier II and tier III cities via the online live e-learning model. It used to receive more than 80% of enrolments earlier from non-metro regions. However, all of these candidates were required to join the company’s incubation lab either in Mumbai or Bangalore. Now, the digital approach has increased the capacity of its coding boot camps from 200 candidates to the current levels.

Mr Narayan Mahadevan, founder of BridgeLabz added, “BridgeLabz has historically received high participation of female candidates vis-a-vis the industry benchmarks. Now, the ability to participate in a coding camp from home has simply added to the curve. More female candidates from tier II and tier III cities are enrolling themselves in our coding camps. We take pride in their skill development and are now aiming to polish this untapped talent in our non-metropolitan cities.”

Since March, the company has groomed and placed more than 300+ tech talent despite the ongoing industry-wide layoffs. Currently, more than 800+ are undergoing the 30-day coding boot camp and the latest round of interviews has now begun with considerable interest from the organizations, especially considering that BridgeLabz has the largest pool of premium quasi-ready talent on the pan-India level. So far, the incubation lab has placed more than 2000+ engineers across more than 350+ leading technology firms.

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