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MICA, Ahmedabad, India’s premier management B-school for Strategic Marketing and Communications, is thrilled to virtually host the Father of Modern Marketing, Dr.Philip Kotler, on August 1, 2021.

Known as ‘The Marketing Guru,’ Dr. Kotler is the author of the most widely used marketing textbook across continents. As part of his session titled ‘Marketing Wisdom: On the Philip Side,’ he will share lessons on the future of marketing. The talk by Dr. Philip Kotler will mark the beginning of MICANVAS’ 21, India’s biggest marketing festival. For over 50 years, Dr. Kotler has taught at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Prof. Shailendra Raj Mehta, President & Director, MICA, said, “MICA is honored to have Dr. Philip Kotler, the father of Modern Marketing, address our students and the MICA community. The world of marketing is changing swiftly. His lessons will help us define a clearer roadmap for the future of marketing.”

Talking about the excitement among MICA students, the organizers said, “It is not every day that one gets to hear the Father of Modern Marketing, Dr. Philip Kotler, address an audience, and that too live. Dr. Philip Kotler’s book ‘Marketing Management’ is one of the first books anybody in marketing reads. And an opportunity to interact with him is a privilege. So this year, after getting his confirmation to hold a session at MICA, the Mecca of Marketing, the MICANVAS team’s excitement knew no bounds.”

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