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The incoming class of 2023 at MICA, Ahmedabad – India’s premier management school for Strategic Marketing and Communication, has set a new gender diversity benchmark by equating its gender ratio for the flagship PGDM-C and PGDM program. While MICA has always maintained its position as among the most gender-diverse B-school, this year, the institute has witnessed students from varied backgrounds wanting to study at MICA.

The current batch of 183 students has 92 male students and 91 female students. About 80% of the class comprises students in the age group of 21-25 years. Of 183 students, as many as 55 percent come with prior work experience. Thus, the quantum of fresh-out-of-college students in the batch is 45%.

While nine students have work experience of more than three years, nine students have work experience of more than five years.

To promote diversity, the new batch has students from arts, science, commerce, engineering backgrounds and Ayurveda, Pharma, Architecture, Fashion Technology, Textile Design, and Hotel Management. The new batch consists of students with exciting profiles such as a linguist, data analyst, textile designer, an architect, a teacher, an auditor, engineers, and many more.

Dr.Shailendra Raj Mehta, President & Director, MICA, said, “At MICA, we celebrate diversity. Diversity in student backgrounds and experiences helps enhance a richer learning environment. Admissions at MICA are purely based on merit. Our entrance test MICAT tests for analytical skills and the creative skills of the students. As a result, without any preference being granted to them, they stand out in our tests.”

Welcoming the new batch and their parents as part of the virtual orientation program, Prof.Mehta said, “Not only
do we choose people differently, but we also educate differently, so you will find some of the most dynamic and engaging courses that we have put together. We have four immersions that students will be part of – international, rural, urban, and entrepreneurial immersions.”

The 1-year Crafting Creative Communication (CCC) class has 77% female and 23% male students, whereas the Fellow Program in Management (FPM) has six male students and two female students.

Prof. Ruchi Tewari, Chair, Admissions at MICA, said, “It is a pleasure to see the batch composition. Like every year, this year, too, MICA’s current batch of PGP reflects an interesting diversity across the academic profile, age, work experience, and gender. This outcome and batch profile is organic, and I am happy to share that we do not tamper with the selection criterion to make affordances of any kind for any specific category or section of students. I attribute the batch profile to the reputation that MICA has earned over the years and the institutional culture of nurturing diversity.”

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