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The Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute (MGLI) successfully conducted an online certificate course on “Life Skill Education for Social Workers” last week.

The course was coordinated by Dr Misha Vyas, assistant professor at MGLI, and attended by students of Master of Social Work (MSW).

Dr Swaroop Rawal

Addressing the students, Dr Swaroop Rawal, actor and life skills educator on Life Skill Education threw light on the various concepts of life skill education and discussed aspects such as self-understanding, effective communication, empathy, and critical thinking with live examples.

“Life skills are the abilities that help in enhancing mental well-being and capabilities in young people as they step out in the real world, and navigate the realities and challenges of life. Life skills are much needed as the traditional information-based approaches are not sufficient to deal with the realities. Life skills course is an invaluable addition to post-graduate courses in Arts, Commerce, and Sciences, and I glad MGLI has conducted this,” she said. Dr Rawal also said that developing life skills can help youngsters translate their knowledge into a healthy attitude, which will help them throughout their lives.

“These skills are needed for planning ahead, career planning, decision-making, and forming positive relationships,” she said.

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