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Intending to increase awareness about new career opportunities, Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics(MDAE), India’s leading postgraduate institute for Economic, Data Analytics, Finance and Public Policy, hosted its fourth virtual event of Speaker Series titled ‘A Complete Guide to Careers in Behavioural Science’ on 3rd June 2022 at 4:30 pm. The one-hour session encouraged students to explore numerous flourishing career opportunities in the field of behavioural.

Notable industry experts, academicians and impact creators, including the Assistant Professor at Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics Dr Savita Kulkarni,  Research Author at the Department of Economics of Monk Prayogshala Dr Anirudh Tagat, Chief Evangelist of Fractal Analytics Mr Biju Dominic, and Behavioural Researcher at Morningstar Ms Ankita Ugar were the four panellists at the event.

Prof. Amlesh Kanekar, Director of Academic Programs, Meghnad Desai Academy, said, “ In the last few years, behavioural science has emerged as a prominent field for policy and decision making by companies across sectors. Almost all organisations, whether private or public, use human behaviour insights to make informed business decisions and curate futuristic technologies. This has given way to numerous opportunities in the field. The session was informative and enriching, guiding students to start their careers with some of the world’s leading companies. It provided a roadmap for aspiring behavioural scientists and researchers. ”

The event began with the keynote address by Mr. Biju Dominic, Chief Evangelist, Fractal Analytics & Chairman, FinalMile Consulting. In his talk, Mr. Dominic shared his expert opinion on Behavioral Science. He said, “It is often questioned whether behavioural science is relevant, but during the pandemic, behavioural science enabled us to implement the lengthy process of manufacturing and distributing the vaccine. The process usually takes ten years, but thanks to research, it only took eight to ten months.”

Another panellist, Dr. Savita Kulkarni, Assistant Professor, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, says, I am very happy about the collaboration between MDAE and GIPE. It will help to create research capacity in the fields of data sciences and behavioural sciences – necessary for both practitioners and academicians in these fields.”

In addition to that, MDAE alumna, Ankita Ugar, shares, “I graduated from MDAE in 2021. I was part of MDAE’s PG Diploma in Economics program, and I was placed at Morningstar with campus placement. Behavioral Science was a subject I was introduced to at MDAE & it has helped me to a great extent in building my career.”

Panellist, Dr. Anirudh Tagat, Faculty, MDAE, explained, “Public Policy is one of the electives in our PG Diploma programs. In regards to teaching at MDAE, I am motivated to simplify behavioural economic theories so that students understand how those theories apply to their daily lives.

Dr Savita Kulkarni holds over a decade of experience with leading institutes, including IRIS Business Services India, Credit Analysis & Research Ltd., Symbiosis School of Economics, and Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics. She has expertise in research and delivering workshops on policy analysis and behavioural and developmental economics.

An eminent researcher, Dr Anirudh Tagat, has expertise in behavioural economics and experimental methods in economics. As a research author at Monk Prayogshala, he holds extensive experience in conceptualising, planning, and implementing research projects in behavioural and experimental economics.

Mr Biju Dominic is the Chief Evangelist at the world’s leading company in AI and Data Analytics, Fractal Analytics. Having over thirty years of work experience in diverse fields, Mr Biju is at the forefront of decoding the intersection between human and machine intelligence to understand the algorithm for developing new-age technologies. He also holds experience as the CEO of FinalMile Consulting, one-of-the-first company to proffer behavioural science and economics-based consulting.

An alumnus of MDAE, Ms Ankita Ugar is a behavioural researcher at Morningstar, a leading investment research firm that compiles and analyses fund, stock, and general market data.

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