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Masters’ Union, the leading Gurgaon-based Business school today launched ‘Finance & Accounting Competency Test’, a free online assessment test aimed at freshers and college students to measure their interest, aptitude & motivation for professional responsibilities in the area of Finance & Accounting. The F&A Competency Test assesses a student’s numerical, comprehension & analytical skills to determine their skill level for top F&A roles. The 50-minute test will be conducted once every month and is scheduled for May 21 at 3 PM, online. To register and participate in the same, students can click here.

Post completion of the test, Masters’ Union will offer students a detailed AI-powered assessment report which will cover their strengths and weaknesses along with suggestions on how they can improve their performance, tips to enhance their profile, for e.g., projects one could take up to burnish their profile, role recommendations as well as a list of target jobs and companies that are hiring for these roles. Some of the companies for which students will be able to apply post the F&A Competency Test include Accenture, KPMG, HSBC and EY.

Demand for entry-level roles in the banking, financial services and insurance sectors has spurred exponentially post the pandemic. According to Monster.com, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) has continued to remain the fastest job recovering sector with a 54% annual growth rate this year. Flush with investor money, several fin-tech startups across the country have also been on a hiring spree. The Global Capability Centers (GCCs) which are expected to add over 2 lakh jobs to India this fiscal, have already added over 60,000 BFSI jobs this year and are expected to produce more in the coming months. Some of the top entry level roles for which are in-demand include Financial Controller, Financial Accountant, R2R Financial Analyst, Financial Reporting Specialist, O2C Financial Analyst, and P2P Financial Analyst.

Pratham Mittal, Director, Masters’ Union said, “Right from the beginning of the year, we are witnessing a revival in demand for entry level talent in the BFSI and finance space. Everyone, from startups to the Big Four to GCCs has been looking for high-quality, entry-level finance professionals to fill their ranks. This is the reason we launched our MasterCamp in Applied Finance powered by KPMG. Through our F&A Competency Test, our goal is to identify and put the spotlight on top talent in the finance space. We will handhold them by providing them access to top recruiters as well through tips and tricks to help them burnish their profile. Given that this is a free test, we hope to see maximum participation from students all over the country.”

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