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Many sectors are aggressively adopting new-age technologies like Machine learning, creating new job opportunities—however, a massive skills gap exists across industries. According to the Annual Employability Survey by Aspiring Minds, 80% of Indian engineers are not fit for jobs in the knowledge economy. Only 2.5% of them possess technical skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that the industry requires. As per Future of Jobs 2020 by the World Economic Forum, AI and Machine Learning Specialists, Data Analysts and Data Scientists are emerging job roles. Therefore, graduates and professionals are keen to explore the domain and gain specialized skills. ‘Machine Learning’ course by Stanford University is the most popular course on the platform.

Besides Machine Learning, Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere course by Google is also a popular choice among learners to gain skills such as Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Data Cleaning, SQL and Data Processing.

Mental health or psychological well-being is crucial to an individual’s ability to lead a fulfilling life. Apart from gaining technical skills, learners are enrolling in courses that teach happiness and well-being. The Science of Well-Being and Introduction to Psychology by Yale University are highly popular courses.

Ten most popular Overall courses in India in 2021 
S.No.Course NamePartner Name
1Machine LearningStanford University
2Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)University of Michigan
3Foundations: Data, Data, EverywhereGoogle
4English for Career DevelopmentUniversity of Pennsylvania
5Financial MarketsYale University
6HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web DevelopersJohns Hopkins University
7Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjectsDeep Teaching Solutions
8The Science of Well-BeingYale University
9Introduction to PsychologyYale University
10Foundations of User Experience (UX) DesignGoogle

Ten most popular Data Science courses in India in 2021 
S.No.Course NamePartner Name
1Machine LearningStanford University
2Foundations: Data, Data, EverywhereGoogle
3Introduction to Machine LearningDuke University
4What is Data Science?IBM
5Getting Started with AWS Machine LearningAmazon Web Services
6Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven DecisionsGoogle
7Python for Data Science, AI & DevelopmentIBM
8Neural Networks and Deep LearningDeepLearning.AI
9Introduction to Data AnalyticsIBM
10Prepare Data for ExplorationGoogle

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