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Wheebox, one of the global leaders in Online AI-Driven Remote Proctored Assessments has launched a hassle-free solution for all modern educators who are adapting to the online methods of cheat-proof testing.

Wheebox launched a Low-Code/No-Code (LCNC) AI-Driven Proctoring Solution for all Learning Management Solution Companies. The application can be integrated into any existing Learning Management System (LMS) in one single touch. This integration is suited for Certification Platforms and many other LTI-compliant applications such as Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas.

The Plug-and-Play, Extension-Based Integration offers an all-in-one proctoring solution that is Safe, Secured, and Fortified with Microsoft Cognitive Services; bundled with features such as Face Tracking, Live Stream, Face Recognition, On-Demand Proctors, 360 Degree Room Scan, Object & Noise Detection, and Auto ID Card-Based Authentication for highly reliable & cheat-proof examinations.

Wheebox has partnered with University of Kelaniya, a State University in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to conduct its assessments on its learning & assessment application hosted on Moodle. Wheebox integrated its AI-Driven Remote Proctored Platform within their Moodle application using LCNC. 13,000 students of the University will undergo the term-end tests using Wheebox’s Remote Proctored Solutions integrated within the University’s own LMS.

Nirmal Singh, Founder & CEO, Wheebox said, “The LCNC product is conceptualized and developed to combat the difficulties faced by the examiners during invigilation in online exams. We strongly believe that e-Learning & e-Assessment are the future of formal and vocational education globally. Thus, Wheebox RPaaS is designed to enhance the capacity of the examiners without them having to train for a new methodology or platform. The service is also designed to provide a student-savvy experience as they can take Proctored Tests within their University’s own existing LMS without any extra steps or training.Now Global University/Organization can easily integrate our Remote Proctored assessment platform with their LTI-Compliant LMS Application.”

“The examiners can setup the entire proctoring system in one click without any prior training. The integration of Wheebox RPaaS involves Quick Report Generation within any LMS application and acomfortable yet intelligent proctoring experience with rich analytics and proper monitoring through complete control over the proctoring system. These features make an examiner’s journey much more flexible in a very challenging environment, in times when every child is accessing the exam remotely,” he added.

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