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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) saw a registration of 16.14 lakh in 2021. 95% of the registered students appeared for the examination across the country in over 3,800 centers. Following the examination, the results were later announced on 1 Nov 2021.

Out of over 14 lakh students, over 8 lakh students qualified for the exam, by scoring the required cut-off marks. With nearly 550 medical schools in India, the annual intake of students stands at around 80,000 a year. Thus, less than 10% of the students who appear for the exam have a chance to get admission in an Indian medical university.

It is not uncommon for unsuccessful students to try the NEET for a second time. But this situation requires them to skip an academic year.

Some students also take up the option of studying medicine internationally.

Dr. Marios Loukas, The Dean of the School of Medicine at St. George’s University, Grenada, addresses the true value of an international medical program.

The exposure to diverse faculty and peers in the setting of an international university shapes the cognitive and interpersonal skills of students and breaks down the barriers that would otherwise exist in a less diverse setting. A culturally diverse learning environment is essential for teaching, learning, and research, and the educational environment is enhanced and enriched by a true blend of voices and experiences from across all cultures.

When studying in an international environment, medical students become exposed and comfortable with powerful multicultural experiences that change preconceived perspectives and build maturity. These students are equipped with the assets, tools, and flexibility to provide better patient care by thinking outside of the box, an important skill in the ever-changing medical field. Students attending an international medical school abroad will also become more familiar with the local health concerns, which may differ significantly from the ones they are used to seeing.

At St. George’s University (SGU) School of Medicine, we have believed in a global outlook towards medical education since our founding in 1976. To this day, we are a medical school with a worldwide mission. SGU draws students, graduates, and faculty from more than 150 countries and has contributed over 19,000 physicians to the global physician workforce. Students at SGU have the opportunity to start their studies in Grenada, the UK, or India, and can complete clinical rotations at one of over 70 affiliated hospitals in the US and UK. Working and learning in these different healthcare systems provides a unique perspective on conventional problems being faced in medicine nowadays.

As each new cohort of future doctors starts at St. George’s University, they are surrounded by like-minded individuals who have chosen to broaden their horizons with an international medical education. These students will set the precedent for our future generations of doctors and join our network of graduates who have practiced in more than 50 countries, making them perfectly poised veterans in this rapidly changing world.

As of March 2021, 531 SGU School of Medicine graduates have come from South Asia. SGU is also associated with Ramaiah Group of Institutions and offers high school graduates (10+2), the opportunity to obtain an MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree via a 5-year pathway that begins in Ramaiah International Medical School, Bengaluru.

If students apply to start the 5-year MD pathway in September 2022 at Ramaiah, and are subsequently accepted and enroll in a medical school in India with a NEET allotted place before December 2022, SGU will refund the tuition and administrative fees for the student.

The job of a doctor is not only to treat people but to help make society a better place with an understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion. International medical schools that fully embrace a global approach to health and education empower students to strive for this throughout their careers. This attitude enables students to be better students, and ultimately, doctors to be better doctors.

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