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College Admissions & Career Guidance platform Leverage Edu announced the launch of its live learning platform, live.leverageedu.com, to help students with test preparation for competitive exams like IELTS, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, SAT, etc., aimed at securing admissions in global universities.

LeverageLive‘s unique learning blend combines curated subject matter solutions from over 50+ expert educators. The platform’s advanced and secure technology provides students a personalised and interactive learning experience. One-click actions allow joining a class, tracking progress, setting reminders and more from the comfort of a screen. Over 5000 students benefit from Leverage Live’s 200K+ hours of live training delivered and 1000+ free eBooks and videos.

“The vision with LeverageLive is to democratize access, so that students sitting anywhere, including non-accessible parts of this country, can get trained by the best of the best, at mostly less than half of the traditional price points. Disrupting access, price & a 10x better learning experience than anything else on the market, is going to unlock absolutely massive opportunities! “, said AkshayChaturvedi, Founder & CEO at Leverage Edu.

Pedagogy built for success

With Leverage Edu’s backing of supporting thousands of students to reach their dream universities, LeverageLive carries forward the legacy by combining application-based learning with expert mentorship. While the batch size of less than 20 facilitates wholesome attention to the learning of a student, customised testing ensures that focus areas are worked upon basis the particular needs of a student. Additionally, the platform regularly witnesses previous years’ toppers and expert faculty engaging in live webinars to pass on tips and tricks necessary to ace competitive international exams.

Personalised Tech Integration

Built with Leverage Edu’s student first values, the platform’s technology is curated to facilitate real-time interactions between students and educators. With the ‘Raise Hand’, video call and live chat features, students bridge the distance and resolve all doubts on the go. Additionally, a personalised dashboard also allows students to access their progress, study-material, schedules and study-material all in one place.

Extending LucrativeTeaching Opportunities

LeverageLive also offers profitable opportunities for subject matter experts to teach from the comfort of their homes. Potential LeverageLive Instructors get to avail industry-standard pay packages and curate their own personalised teaching techniques, that ultimately help students ace their chosen standardized test.

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