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Pi Jam Foundation in partnership with Samagra Shiksha-J & K Government’s Dept. of education scheme, Diksha, JKKN, and UNICEF launched a free Computer Science program called ‘Let’s Code’ for students of Jammu and Kashmir that will help them explore computer sciences, design thinking, computational thinking and programming in a fun and engaging way. The program also helps them develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills.

The program was launched in the august presence of State Project Director Mr Deep Raj Kanethia from the Samagra Shiksha project; (insert names of some dignitaries), amidst 500 educators and government officials in attendance.

“The program designed specifically for J&K students will benefit them in the long term. Samagra Shiksha is always geared towards innovative projects and the introduction of Let’s Code is in line with NEP that will enable technological learning for J&K students.” shared State Project Director Mr. Deep Raj Kanethia (Samagra Shiksha).

Let’s Code is an inclusive and free course designed for students to explore Computer Science, Design Thinking, Computational Thinking and Programming. The curriculum is developed to be culturally responsive and accessible to all students with the special intention of broadening participation among young girls and government school students in the field of Computer Science. The program involves three modules-the first is for students to learn the basics of computer sciences; the second module is about digital citizenship and awareness, and the third part of module would be about learning the basics of coding. The students will simply need to scan a QR code and they will be taken to an app called Code Mitra app (by Pi Jam Foundation) where they can get a practical experience with coding and its application in the real world.

“Coding is not just about computers and technology; it’s also about the expression of ideas, creativity, and innovative thinking. It’s a means to express oneself and one’s ideas. With the course on DIKSHA, more and more children will have access to it,” says Danish Aziz, Education Specialist at UNICEF.

The course doesn’t require any prior coding or programming experience and it still has a lot to offer for students with previous experience in computer science and coding who wish to enhance their understanding of the subject. For students who are still trying to figure out their future prospects in terms of careers in technology and service, this may be a great starting point. The course, which can be taken on the Diksha platform, serves to nurture key problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, confidence, compassion, and socio-emotional skills.

“With the Let’s Code course, Jammu & Kashmir becomes the first state in the nation to launch the Computer Science and coding courses of students through the DIKSHA platform,” shared Leenus Roffun, DIKSHA PMU.  He also walked the attendees through the course curriculum and access on the platform.

The launch event was facilitated by Syed Imran Bukhari and DIKSHA team.

Pi Jam has been working to popularize problem-solving and Computer Science through campaigns like Code Mela, where children and teachers are introduced to the world of coding through a mobile app Code Mitra, which is free and tailor-made for regional users in hour-long sessions. An open-source app for children to learn block-based coding in Hindi where the goal is to understand basic programming and Computer Science concepts; analyze daily life in algorithm terms.

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