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Lenovo, the global technology leader, today announced its ‘Lenovo Aware’ smart learning solution for consumers, which will come pre-bundled with the latest generation of IdeaPad Slim 3i and IdeaPad Slim 5i laptops. Lenovo Aware software aims to support a superior remote learning experience by addressing a few of the digital challenges brought to light this past year during lockdown, such as how to keep young students focused and motivated while engaged in online classes and improve their digital well-being.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the education sector, by enforcing social distancing and implementing online methods of teaching and evaluation. Lenovo conducted a survey on virtual education which revealed the main challenges parents face:

  • Doubts regarding effectiveness of online learning
  • Constant monitoring required for kids
  • Excess use of Laptops leading to excessive screen time and body posture issues

Lenovo Aware addresses these issues by using the PC’s built-in camera to detect a person’s body language and eye contact with the device. The software can be activated within Lenovo Vantage and all the features have to be manually activated by opting in through the settings in Lenovo Aware. The software reminds the user to sit back from the screen, straighten up their posture, take a break from the screen to rest their eyes, with the help of pop up notifications and audio alerts.

Some of the key features of the software include:

  1. Break Reminder: Automatically remind the user to take breaks according to the computer usage time settings the user sets.

  2. Distance Reminder: Detect the distance between the user’s face and the PC screen to prevent the distance from being too close to affect eyesight.

  3. Posture Reminder: Detect whether the user is sitting correctly and alert the user when there is consistent incorrect sitting posture for a period of time.

  4. Attention Function: This is mainly aimed at children to determine whether they are currently in a state of concentration.

Dinesh Nair, Head of Consumer Business, Lenovo India said, “Lenovo has been committed to education with the help of smarter technology and its been making strides through new hardware, software solutions,  CSR outreach and much more over the years for our customers. After the onset of the pandemic, the need for infrastructure for remote learning significantly increased. In a Learn From Home setting, we understand the need for solutions that ensure that students stay focused and motivated while maintaining their digital wellbeing and also provide parents ease of mind. Our ‘Lenovo Aware’ software is built to help provide parents and guardians with insights into their child’s online engagement, class productivity and digital well-being to help them track wins and areas of improvement.”

Lenovo Aware software provides flexible setting options to meet user-defined needs. This includes different modes for students and general users, with different strictness settings, reminder sensitivity and thresholds, among others. The software also encourages children and facilitates interactions with parents with the help of a Score System that generates easy-to-understand reports, showing cumulative benchmarks of a child’s average PC usage, providing parents and guardians with insights into their child’s online engagement, class productivity and digital well-being to help them track wins and areas of improvement.

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