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SkillshareTM the world’s largest online learning community for creatives, today announced a new SkillshareTM Original class with popular artist, illustrator and entrepreneur Alicia Souza. Her class titled, “eCommerce for Creatives: Sell Your Artwork with an Online Store” is for anyone who wants to level-up their creative pursuit and learn to successfully build, launch and bring traffic to their online store. This class is curated for beginners looking to start a business, as well as those more established who want to take their business a notch higher.

Alicia’s new class is filled with tricks of the trade and tips to start an online shop. It covers a range of topics around starting a business – from finding the right market, to creating a brand identity, building a website for sales and more. Being an entrepreneur herself, Alicia’s class also shares her first-hand knowledge about some of the most challenging mandates of starting an online products business – this includes managing finances, pricing of products, and many such aspects that are necessary to build a sustainable business; in other words, bringing aspiring business owners one step closer to their first-ever sale! 

Commenting on her journey as a creator on Skillshare, Alicia Souza, said, “I am super excited to launch my second class on Skillshare! This one is very special to me as designing every lesson constantly reminded me of my personal journey and how I started off. I truly understand how daunting it can be to even think of starting your own venture; but this class will help demystify a lot of the unknown and discuss the right tools to start and grow a business with confidence. I can’t wait to see all the lovely projects and ventures that students come up with!”

This is Alicia’s second Skillshare Original, her previous class Illustrate for Merchandise: Transform Your Artwork Into Products was launched in November 2021 and has more than 4500+ learners from across the world including from countries such as the US, the UK and India, to name a few.

Commenting on the new Skillshare Original launch, Aayur Kaul, Market Head, Skillshare India, said, “Alicia is among the most loved illustrators of today and we are thrilled to partner with her once again to bring Skillshare members even more quality content from teachers they love. Given her in-depth knowledge, experience and immersive style of teaching, we strongly believe that this class will inspire and help students to build their own online business.”

He added, “Together with our talented creators and learners we are building the world’s largest creative community, and India plays a significant role in that mission. In fact, India is our third-largest market where we see expansive opportunities to grow and help unlock the potential of every creative hobbyist, enthusiast and expert across the fields of art, graphic design, photography, music and more. According to our 2021 data, Indian users watched 32 million minutes on Skillshare and we are seeing a steady increase in this number. We will continue to curate classes that will enable students to hone their skills from the best of creators from across the globe.”

With over 250 classes, “Skillshare Originals” is a series of unique classes co-created in partnership with world-renowned creators, influencers, and industry leaders. These are premium quality classes covering a range of innovative topics, and are produced by Skillshare’s in-house teams. So far, Skillshare has produced Original with the likes of Robert Harun, Ankit Bhatia, Osheen Siva and Shivesh Bhatia in India.

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