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Kreative Minds an art and culture organisation has recently organised the National Level Online Music Competition 2020. They had received the participation from across the country and the total number of participants was 137 (including all categories and groups). The group was divided into 4 parts Group A 6-9 Years, Group, B 10-13 years, Group C: 14 – 18 years & Group D: 19 – 24 years. There were 2 categories: Semi-Classical and Light Music. The time limit of the singing timing was the same till the age of 13 years. They all have 4 minutes to give their performance whereas ages from 14-18 got 5 minutes for their performance and age 19 to 24 got 6 minutes for their performance.

In this National level online music competition, Kreative minds divided their winners’ category into two parts Semi Classical and Light Music.


 Age Group -6-9 years

1.Radhavi Narayan Sinha comes 1st position

  1. Vaisiri N Athreya comes 2ndposition
  2. Antara Mishra comes 3rdposition

Age Group 

10-13 years

  1. Vihaan Kacholya got 1st position
  2. Anishka.PS got 2nd position
  3. Vedatroyee Thakur 3rd position

For Light Music

Age Group

6-9 years  

  1. Advika Guptagot first position
  2. Tanysha Dashgot 2ndposition
  3. Krisha Mondalgot 3rdposition

10-13 years

  1. Adrija Chatterjee -1st position
  2. Sahithi Satish-2nd position
  3. Arnisha De-3rd position

14-18 years

  1. Shushant A-1st position
  2. Komal Vijaykumar Papanwar-2nd position

19-24 years

  1. Pooja KS-1st position
  2. Prajkta Huddedar-2nd position

Each winner was awarded a certificate, a recognition letter from Kreative Minds and a gift voucher. Their video recording has been uploaded on the youtube channel of Kreative Minds (with the consent of the participant).

Each participant is awarded a participation certificate. Parents of students who were participated in this singing competition said they really support this online completion and encourage Kreative Minds for their efforts.

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