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The most thriving and double-digit growth Coaching Industry has been witnessing the cascading effects of the COVID-19 crisis since last year. The industry, which has over Rs 25,000 crore annual revenue, has been reinventing to come out of the adverse impact of COVID with new tools and solutions. Every year, during the first quarter, coaching institutes across the country start admitting lakhs of students aspiring for entrance to premier institutes. In the wake of a second wave of coronavirus this year, numbers are expected to further dip. The leading coaching institutes are now coming out with a disruptive hybrid coaching model by offering both offline and online modules.

National Coaching Hub for prestigious engineering and medical entrance examinations- Kota in Rajasthan has geared up to keep its high-octane image by introducing innovations in the coaching model. Every year Kota usually registers nearly 150,000 students, whose average spending was around ₹200,000-250,000 per year. This included around ₹100,000 for coaching fees and a similar amount on accommodation and food. So, here coaching industry’s annual revenue totalled around ₹3,000 crores. With this ancillary enterprises also thrived. There are around 25,000 paying guest facilities, 3,000 hostels and 1,800 student kitchen facilities in Kota.

With a firm belief that students will come again once normalcy returns, Kota-based Motion Education- India’s fastest growing education Start-up and a leading coaching institute in Kota for Medical, Engineering, and other prestigious competitive examinations- has started integrating technology into its specialised content to provide customised solutions to each student.

“We are certainly reinventing and restructuring. The emerging trends in the industry have necessitated such measures. We are focusing on the use of technology that can be human-driven. We are innovating in our services, teaching methodology, study material, and academic analytics. Offline classes cannot be replaced in their value and efficacy by online, however, in this current dynamic situation, digital offers an effective solution and a hybrid model by combining it with online would make coaching more affordable and accessible. Going forward, Motion Education would offer innovative coaching model by adopting a hybrid or classroom model,” said Nitin Vijay, MD – Motion Education Pvt Ltd,

According to industry estimates, during the session (2020-21), nearly 100,000 students have enrolled for Kota’s online coaching. In the current financial year, Kota coaching businesses might see a 30 per cent contraction in their annual earnings. It is widely admitted that the delay in board examinations has already wiped out the first phase of admissions, which normally happens in March-April and the waves of COVID also continue to persist.

In the current scenario, the coaching industry has to revamp its approach and must emphasise innovations. According to the last National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) Report nearly 7.1 crore students, almost 26% of total students in India, were taking private tuitions or attending coaching institutes. The NSSO data further reveals that the amount spent by families on private tuitions and coaching is about 11-12% of their total household expenditure. Coaching classes have become an integral part of the education system and both students and parents consider this necessary to excel in any examination.

“The Indian Coaching Industry thrives on the ever-growing demand of supplemental education centres in a very competitive environment. We have been contributing immensely to the socio-economic growth of the country by producing technology leaders, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, doctors, lawyers and software engineers. Be it online or physical, coaching centres are here to stay and new age tools would make it cost-effective and accessible,” added Nitin Vijay.

The coaching sector would continue to thrive and dominate India’s education sector as supplemental academic activities. Going forward, the digital form of coaching may dominate over classroom coaching.

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