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KNMA continues its successful run with the well-received and highly successful ‘Art X’ digital series. The latest series is titled ‘Art X Technology’, which seeks to explore this intersection and examine the common ground where the two fields meet. The series will look at applying and engaging with technology and how age-old artistic traditions can challenge perceptions, create new aesthetics, melding the scientific and the creative while creating surreal worlds and beyond reality experiences.

The art world has evolved from new media art in the 60ʼs, to more recently, the trending world of NFTʼs. With record-breaking sales and virtual exhibitions and art fairs, the connection between the two crafts is only becoming more robust, creating a new language of expression that reshapes the conventional idea of art. Institutions and individuals alike have successfully worked towards integrated technology in transforming the perception and outreach of art.

Moving away from dependence on a lattice of old-school influences, meticulously maintained by galleries, museums and critics, the series explores how art and constant technological developments lead to unexplored horizons that change the way we see, approach and experience art. This new hybrid creativity is moving to make art immersive, interactive, tactile and personalised.

Exploring the series, we talk to artists such as Hitesh Kumar from Splat Studios, Afrah Shafiq, Visioni Ecentriche, Sehaj Rahal, Mithu Sen and Deepanjana Klein. They have pivoted their practice with the infusion of technology or continue to explore how technology is a new age defining art movement. The series kicked off on Sunday, September 12, with Hitesh Kumar, Creative Director of Splat Studio, continuing until October 10, 2021. All episodes are watchable on KNMA social media channels.

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