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KLAY’s Institute of Early Childhood Education and Development (IECED), is all set to host the 3rd edition of its International Summit on Early Years (ISEY). This virtual conference is scheduled to be held on 3rd September 2021, with the aim to champion the theme ‘Parent-Teacher Partnerships, the foundation of Education in the new normal’. The day-long event includes complimentary workshops for parents and teachers in the first half and pertinent discussions, addresses by experts in the evening.

The Indian education system has undergone a major overhaul and transformation since the wake of the pandemic. Two key stakeholders – parents and teachers – who are the first point of contact for children, have been impacted the most. The entire learning-teaching dynamic has shifted, placing the parent at the centre of the education efforts for children and teachers in an equally important role of supporting and mentoring families through this process. An attempt to address how parents and teachers can develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the interest of child well-being and learning continuity at the core is the focus of this year’s ISEY edition.

The event includes –

An off-the-cuff live conversation with Kiran Bedi, Former Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry

A special address by Independent Educational Researcher and TED Prize Winner 2013, Sugata Mitra on ‘Going ‘Forward’ to Normal – A Practical Post-Pandemic Approach to Education’

A talk by globally renowned Early Years Education Expert, Prof. Stephen P. Zwolak on ‘Teaching is Discovery and Curiosity – Shape the Future by Holding the Hearts of Children’

A panel discussion on ‘A systemic approach to ensuring strong educator-parent partnerships’ which includes Dr. Swati Popat Vats, President, Podar Education Network, Dr Vrinda Datt, Ex- Director of Center for Early Childhood Education and Development (CECED), Swetha Guhan, Co-founder, Director – Product Development and Government Programs at Key Education Foundation as panellists

Other key highlights

With the intent of giving actionable insights as takeaways for the audiences, this year, the summit includes complimentary workshops by renowned facilitators on critical topics such as parental well-being, enhanced collaboration approaches for parents, and Finnish education best practices for teachers. Additionally, for the first-time-ever, the event will host a unique ‘parent showcase’ format with a line-up of popular parent influencers who will present their learnings on how they navigated their child’s learning journeys during the pandemic.

Commenting on her participation at ISEY 2021, Kiran Bedi said, “Nurturing young children, teaching them their rights and responsibilities and inculcating in them values of our rich culture and heritage would create a robust and developed India. Parents are responsible to give children the best of education, the best of everything for nurturing them as responsible citizens.”

Sugata Mitra added, “I am looking forward to such an important event. I do hope it will result in visible change with parents and teachers collaborating to create the right environment to ensure optimal learning outcomes for children.”

“Today more than ever, we need to “hold” our children and families; physically, emotionally, and socially. Our children need strong emotional experiences and relationships so they can develop social relationships to have enhanced cognitive opportunities. At ISEY, we will talk about being present with and for children, so we can deeply connect with children and enhance our relationship with them.” said Stephen P. Zwolak.

Meghna Yadav, Head of Training and Development at KLAY Preschools and Daycare, said “The teachers who not only ‘teach’ but nurture the potential of children through their interactions, define the whole generation for the country. On the other hand, parents who are actively involved in the learning of children, whether they realize they are doing it or not, give their children the greatest advantages from the very beginning of life. The unison of these two forces- parents and teachers- will bring wonders in a child’s life. This summit can contribute significantly to this partnership.”

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