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KLAY Preschools and Daycare, a pioneer in India in the Early Childhood Care and Education Sector (ECCE), has announced a 12-month curriculum for the new academic year from April 2022 to March 2023. The months of April and May, referred to as the “Learning to Learn” period at KLAY, will focus on preparing both parents and children to get back to physical school in June 2022 with necessary interventions planned for each child. These interventions will be curated based on baseline assessments that will be conducted location-wide in order to address the specific learning needs of each child. Over 55 KLAY centres are currently open across the country for the purpose of learning loss in the early years.

Reiterating KLAY’s commitment to providing quality early childhood education, AK Srikanth, CEO, of KLAY Schools said, “Our aim with this industry-first approach of extending the academic calendar is to ensure we are setting a strong foundation for our children as they begin the academic year–for the first time in their lives in some cases–in the offline world. It is important for us to keep in mind that both caregivers and children are dealing with several challenges as the world continues to unlock and go back to pre-pandemic conditions. Hence a more personalized approach to mitigating the negative impact of these challenges and the learning loss that the children have experienced, prior to June 2022 was a critical move to make.”

The Learning To Learn phase in April and May will entail setting a strong foundation for Physical, Personal, Social, and Emotional Development (PPSED), Communication & Language, Logical and analytical skills – focus areas will include:

Setting up routines

Building attention span with a focus on the completion of simple tasks

Focus on Physical development by working on small and large muscles, thus enhancing Gross and Fine motor skills

Building trusting relationships through caring social interactions

Focus on self-regulation, sensory processing, receptive language, understanding, expressive language (using language) articulation, and executive functions (high order reasoning), thus enhancing empathy

Build age-appropriate literacy and language skills with a focus on conversation skills

Build age-appropriate numeracy skills

Inculcating self-help skills, thereby helping a child to become independent and confident

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Arshleen Kalra, Curriculum Head, KLAY Schools said, “The objective of this program is to gauge the progress of every child and understand their learning needs. Further, the idea is to involve parents and caregivers, who can support their children at home to cope with the loss that has occurred in the last two years. The curriculum is curated in such a way that it addresses the most important developmental milestones that serve as the core foundation for years to come. Children are at the front and centre of everything we do at KLAY and we believe that this personalized approach will enable them to settle down with greater comfort as the academic year begins in the offline world.”

Since schools have reopened, KLAY has observed a significant uptick in the number of admission queries. In fact, the highest when compared to the pre-pandemic period, with over 14000+ queries just in March 2022.

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