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KLAY Preschools and Daycare has announced the launch of ‘KLAY Enrich’, an initiative to bring a range of age-appropriate extracurricular activities virtually (www.klay-enrich.com) to children between 3 to 16 years of age. Curated by experts, KLAY Enrich will offer a range of engaging activities and courses on a single easy-to-use online platform which will encourage children to nurture their creative side, unleash their hidden talent, build leadership skills and even help relieve stress due to the pandemic.

KLAY Enrich will host courses across activities including art, dance, sports & fitness, logic & computation, holistic wellness, drama, self defense and robotics & electronics. Conducted live by handpicked teachers and institutes, Enrich is built to be a platform that ensures utmost privacy for participating children while involving minimal supervision. Additionally, physical activities have been curated keeping in mind the sedentary lifestyle of children due the pandemic today. To make this experience as seamless as possible, KLAY will continue to offer these courses offline as and when schools can function, post-COVID.

Salient features of KLAY Enrich include –

  • A live, interactive, and safe platform
  • Enabled with a digital library to play back previous classes
  • Age appropriate choices with multiple timings and batch options
  • Free trial classes available before subscribing to any of the actual courses

KLAY has always emphasized the need to focus on the holistic development of children throughout their formative years and set them up to become productive, lifelong learners. Besides the standard school learning curriculum, it is important to offer non-scholastic opportunities to children to nurture their socio-emotional development and encourage stimulation of multiple intelligences including intrapersonal, kinesthetic, musical, linguistic, interpersonal and more.

“It is our responsibility as one of the leading players in the Early Childhood Care & Education sector to make sure that children are enabled to reach their full potential in a holistic manner, even if it means facilitating it virtually. KLAY Enrich is our answer to making extra-curricular activities more than a tick box; it will help groom well-rounded future generations by paving the way for essential life skills. It also marks our foray into serving the needs of a broader age group – of children above 6 years (3 to 16 years)” AK Srikanth, CEO, KLAY Preschools and Daycare said, commenting on the launch.

The extracurricular market is projected to reach $5.8 billion in India in 2021 and is set to rise in the coming years, revealed a study by IIM-Kozhikode. Out of 2280 households surveyed, parents are willing to invest 3-4% of their disposable income in their child’s extracurricular education, as per the study. Research by Texas A&M University also indicates that participating in extracurricular activities causes students’ academic performance to increase.


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