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KIIT World School, in association with Gandhi Smriti, organized a webinar on ‘Exploring Nonviolent Communication in our daily lives. The resource person Mr Deepankar talked about the importance of effective communication and understanding our own selves rather than changing the world around us.  Guest Speaker, Dr Vedabhyas Kundu enlightened the students about how we can practice nonviolent communication in our daily life, especially for better classroom management.

Addressing the student Dr. Vedabhyas Kundu said nonviolent communication means complete lack of violence in the way we communicate with others- be it verbal, non-verbal, our thoughts and ideas. It is the responsibility of everyone to establish and contribute towards peace around us. He deliberated upon the fact that how we communicate and what we communicate determines our relationships with others. It can make us happy or make us suffer. He shared tips on how to adopt nonviolent communication by focusing on five pillars of Gandhian values – respect, understanding, acceptance, appreciation and compassion.

Further he added it is very important to accept and appreciate positive things in life and nurture deep faith in principles of humanism. Mindful listening and patience help us to grow as human beings and go a long way in building better interpersonal relationships. The talk was followed by an interactive session where students asked questions.

 Principal of KIIT World School Neelima Kamrah said that if we inculcate the habit of using non-violent communication in our daily life then we will be able to overcome many problems in our family and society.

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