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KIIT World School, Sohna Road, has announced up to 100% merit based scholarship for new admitting students of class XI. The scholarships will be given to admirable students in academics, co-curricular and sports.

The scholarships include a full tuition cost remission for national players and students with a GPA of 98 percent or higher and fee waivers for students who score higher than 85%. Students and Parents can learn more about the procedure and submit an application for the scholarship at https://kiitworldschool.org

Neelima Kamrah, principal of KIIT World School, said, “At KIIT, we prioritise giving our students access to a world-class education and support removing obstacles to equal and superior education. The scholarship programme strives to make it possible for students from different backgrounds.” She stated that a scholarship can assist a student in opening up new opportunities and realising their full potential.

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