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KIIT World School organized a virtual webinar on Vivekanand’s Vision of Young India where guest speaker Shri Ram Mohan Rai; a great social activist and a wonderful orator, Chairman Shri B.R. Kamrah, Principal Dr. Neelima Kamrah, Headmistress Mrs. Rashmi Srivastava gave their presence.

The speaker Shri Ram Mohan Rai shared the journey of Swami Vivekananda for inspiring students said, “Swamiji believed that the best way to contribute to the country and society is by way of serving the poor. Adopt your own means and methods of helping people who do not have sufficient resources to meet their needs.”

Addressing students, he also added, Swamiji’s life was focused on ‘being deaf to the foolish’ and ‘always be focussed in one’s work.’ Swamiji was a voracious reader. He possessed the unmatchable skill of reading fast and being able to connect his learning from the books to the various aspects of the world.

School Principal Dr. Neelima Kamrah said Swami Vivekananda showed youngsters the path of self-control, practice and concentration of mind for learning new things and developing their personality. Adopting the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda, youth can change India, they believe that youth is the power of any country, which plays the most important role in making the country developed and the power of the world.

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