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Sommet Education, worldwide hospitality education group encompassing the highly reputed education institutions – Glion Institute of Higher Education,  Les Roches and Ecole Ducasse – is reinforcing its study portfolio with a wide range of flexible learning solutions including blended learning programs. New Bachelor students are offered the possibility of a full first semester on-line or partially at home and on campus. These curriculum options enable students to start the next Bachelor intake in March 2021 remotely while providing an efficient solution to travel restrictions and sanitary situation.

“Glion Connect” and “Les Roches Connect” Bachelor

Sommet Education group has created a unique learning solution available at Glion Institute of Higher Education and  Les Roches entitled “Glion Connect” and “Les Roches Connect”.

Through the blended learning solution, Bachelor students have two remote learning options. They have the possibility to study 10 weeks at home followed by 10 weeks on campus to complete the first semester or to study 20 weeks at home and complete their first semester remotely. The learning outcomes equal to a first semester spent fully on campus.

Within the program students also have the opportunity to start their internship in Semester 2 as usual or postpone it to a later date and pursue directly with an academic semester. The blended learning solution provides students with the level of flexibility necessary to adapt their needs and the current circumstances. All participating students receive a welcome package with necessary essentials to use along with the mix of live tutorials and demonstrations, videos, as well as one-to-one coaching and mentoring that constitute the special remote approach. Alongside each remote learning module, a companion program of extracurricular activities including interactive games and challenges designed to build on the practical teaching such as cocktail and mocktail on-line contests, live demonstrations and guest speaker interviews is available. The objective is to develop students’ understanding of excellence required in hotel and restaurant operations.

The practical arts modules will be taught by world-renowned experts from all Sommet institutions, such as Luc Debove, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Executive Pastry Chef at Ecole Ducasse, the culinary arts institution also part of Sommet Education created by the world-renowned Chef, Alain Ducasse. They will be joined by many other world-class title bearing experts, such as Paolo Basso, World’s Best Sommelier in 2013, and Reza Nahaboo, Best Swiss Sommelier in 2016.

To ensure students studying remotely feel part and are actors of the Glion or Les Roches community, they will have the opportunity to connect with each other, join popular clubs and committees, apply for the Student Ambassador program and get to know their fellow students on campus.

Master Degrees

The innovative combination of physical and digital teaching is also an option in Master Degrees which highly increases the accessibility to the Glion and Les Roches Master level programs. Students will have the possibility to pursue 100% of their degree on campus, 100% remotely, or they can also choose to study remotely until they feel ready or they are able to join the campus.

Personalized career services will be equally accessible to all Bachelor and Master students studying on campus or remotely. Career support includes bespoke career counseling, online interview techniques, LinkedIn profile set-up, career workshops, and access to career opportunities via the schools’ internship and job platforms. Remote students will be introduced to their local alumni office to help then become more closely connected to their school community.

While the students opting for the Connect program shall start their first semester remotely and arrive on campus in May 2021, all other students will be able to safely integrate their studies on all Glion and Les Roches campuses. With the primary objective being student health and safety, rigorous and specific protocols have been established.

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