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During the meeting with the officials of World Design Council (WDC), World Design Organisation (WDO) and UK Design Council in London, Dr. Ashwath Narayan, Hon’ble higher education minister, Karnataka confirmed state’s interests to formulate and implement the design policy for Karnataka. The policy will attribute inputs from the national design policy and seek inputs from WDC to come up with a framework and structure.

Mrs. Paula Graham Gazzard, Chair of Council at World Design Council (WDC); Prof. Pradyumna Vyas, Member of Board of Directors, World Design Organisation (WDO) and Mrs. Anne Boddington, Trustee, UK Design Council met the minister and discussed about various design initiatives the state of Karnataka can implement and lead. Design policy for Karnataka was the suggestion emerged over the discussion.

The delegation extended the industry connect and sought support for Bengaluru Design District and the state’s commitment to establishing Bengaluru as a creative hub of the world. Minister invited officials to visit the state for further discussion and proceedings.

WDC has also extended support for integrating “Design Thinking” into the state’s school and college curriculum in Karnataka. “Design awareness is needed to create the demand for design in the society. I am hopeful that the Design Festival and Design District will create momentum in the creative sector. Design thinking in school can be piloted in selected government schools and based on the results, the project can be scaled across the state. The IT department will take the lead on formulating and implementing the design policy for the state” said Dr. Ashwath Narayan, Minister for IT, BT, Higher Education and Living.

“The proposed design policy, design District and design education will put Karnataka in the global design circle and it will help to drive investments and jobs creation in the creative sector of the state.” Says Paula Graham Gazzard, Chair of Council, World Design Council.

The WDC is working in partnership with the leading British Education Provider; ISDC for the market expansion & growth and University engagements in India.

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