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On the 110th birth anniversary of Lala Lakshmipat Singhania, chief architect of JK Organisation, JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur today organized a virtual celebration to mark Founder’s Day. The event also coincided with the university’s Eighth Convocation, which felicitated students of the graduating batch of 2020 for PhD, MTech, BTech, MBA, BBA, BCom and PGDAR. Shri Sanjiv Mehta, Chairman, and Managing Director, Hindustan Unilever Limited, graced the dual celebrations as the Chief Guest.

Led by the Honourable Chancellor Shri Bharat Hari Singhania and Vice-Chancellor Dr. R.L. Raina, the programme was attended by dignitaries including the Pro Chancellor Dr. R.P. Singhania, Pro Vice-Chancellor Shri Asheesh Gupta, Member of Board of Management Shri H.P. Singhania, other Members of the Board of Management and Academic Council, faculty, staff, graduating students and their parents.

After lighting the ceremonial lamp and garlanding the bust of the Founder, Chancellor, Shri Bharat Hari Singhania extended a warm welcome to all present and expressed his delight for being a part of Lala Lakshmipat Singhania’s vision. In his inspirational address he said “We, in the JK Group, since long, have believed in meritocracy, which has been made the bedrock of JKLU in all its programs and activities. In all your areas, be it Learning, Teaching, Training, Research or Consultancy, try to create a mark for yourself. Do not settle for mediocracy but qualify on the yardsticks of meritocracy. This will not only help you to develop yourself as a world class citizen but will also give you a high level of satisfaction in your pursuit of excellence. The world is changing fast and those who are not adapting to this change shall soon become irrelevant. Go out and embrace the change, innovate like never before. Change your mindset. Inspect, inquire and innovate in whatever you do. Challenge the status-quo. Lead the change and don’t just be a follower. Be ambitious, but also chase your dream with passion and hard work. You are a privileged generation where there is no dearth of opportunities in any domain or area of interest. Make the most of those opportunities. So keep learning and excelling.”

Chief Guest, Shri Sanjiv Mehta, while congratulating all the graduating students said, “These marks are not just the end. It’s a moment of pride, emotion and joy for all of you. I can understand that the current situation in the world may have sowed seeds of doubt, pessimism and a capacity to change and survive. We have the intellect, technology and science. We can create financial capacity. We have the humanity and the visceral instinct to survive. This uncertainty is temporary. On the other hand, it has opened all new opportunities and possibilities for all of us. You are fortunate that in this world you will take your first step as a professional. In my opinion, it is an accelerating time to make your mark and create a difference”.

Vice Chancellor, Dr. R.L. Raina, in his address, expressed that in responding to the unforeseen circumstances posed by COVID 19, the resilience and commitment shown by the university had been phenomenal and it was all possible due to the strong will of the leadership, sincere teaching & non-teaching staff and the responsible students. To the graduating students, his message was, “For times like these, you definitely are a different class, the Class of 2020, a united class – united more by the pandemic experience. You and your classmates, in fact all of us, have to reflect upon the extraordinary times and the consequences thereof. The circumstances surrounding your graduation ceremony are no different. Even though the ceremony is not that pompous, unlike the previous year, a graduating class has never been called upon to step into the future with more intent, vision, enthusiasm, compassion, energy, and hope. I am convinced that each one of you has the potential to lead. You will effectively face the challenges of the world and must seize the most exciting opportunities. We are counting on you! You have created habits of accomplishment. You are already the leaders of tomorrow.”

The programme which was anchored by Dr Ashwini Sharma, ended with the national anthem.

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