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JK Business School organized a webinar on career perspective in data analytics by Gaurav Shinh (CEO Daaslab) for their PGDM students. The session gave the JKBians a deeper insight into the Data industry, the future of Data Analytics, and the career opportunities available.

While Interacting with students Gaurav Shinh (CEO Daaslab) said “Data Analytics or Business Analytics is not just about creating a formula or quickly solving a problem. It is the careful application of applied mathematics and statistics to convert any problem into statistical data and then ascertaining that this cove of information is used for making accurate and informed decisions. Those who are not from engineering or mathematics background need not get scared. The ultimate objective is to create tools that can make a larger impact from a business standpoint.”

Prof. (Dr.) Sanjiv Marwah, Director, JK Business School

Prof. (Dr.) Sanjiv Marwah, Director, JK Business School articulates, “It was such an interactive and informative session for all the students as well as us Faculty members. We at JKBS have always stressed the importance of data analytics and therefore we make sure that our students are pretty comfortable with this subject matter. It is a vast area of knowledge and the number of opportunities available is extraordinary. We explore this field actively with seasoned professionals such as Mr. Gaurav Shinh and it has shown great improvement in the employment quotient of our students.”

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