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Ironwood Education (BSE: 508918), a leading professional training and education company in India, has announced the launch of a certification programme for Cricket Coach Education and Development. The company has roped in Ravi Shastri, Head Coach, Indian National Cricket team; B. Arun, Bowling Coach, Indian National Cricket Team and R. Sridhar, Fielding Coach, Indian National Cricket team as Advisory Board members to mentor and guide in program development for certified cricket coaching at various levels. Under their able guidance, Ironwood Education aims to standardise and systematise coaching practices for all levels of the sport in the country, especially for the grassroots and intermediate levels of cricket.

The Ironwood certification programme for Coaching will also help professional employment of cricket coaches across the country, through its articulation of uniform professional standards and contemporary practices of cricket coaching. The certification aims to drive the adoption of best contemporary and standardised practices in cricket coaching for all levels in India, in a cricket ecosystem where coaching continues to be largely a fragmented and unstructured for curriculum and methodology. The structured approach will give a competitive edge to the youth training in cricket.

Bela Desai, Promoter and Director of Ironwood Education Limited, said, “Over the years we have seen the business in the game of cricket grow exponentially with a keen focus from all generations. A structured and systematic coaching approach is the need of the day to develop, hone and nurture world class cricketers. At Ironwood we are equally committed to aiding this learning curve, emerging professionals and entrepreneurs will benefit from. We could not have found more ideal mentors and Advisory Board Members who share the same values. Together we shall provide conducive coaching approach for budding coaches.”

Accepting the invitation, Ravi Shastri, said “This is a terrific development and has huge potential. I personally realise the great role of standardised and systematic coaching practices in bringing Indian cricket to its present status and capacity. Such initiatives will lay the foundation of further growth of India’s biggest sport.”

The certification program will be developed by Dr. Kinjal Suratwala, Former Head of Coach Education at National Cricket Academy along with the guidance of Ravi Shastri, B. Arun and R. Sridhar. The certification programme is perfect for coaching enthusiasts who want to advance their ambitions with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the sport and the coaching nuances. The Ironwood Cricket Coaching certification will be a mix of digital and on ground coaching methodologies, techniques and tools.

B. Arun added, “Cricket is played in every region and locality of India, but there is still such a dearth of qualified coaches. The coach certification programme at Ironwood will contribute to develop scientific standardised coaching from the grassroots and create a pool of qualified coaches to develop aspiring cricketers and provide them with a pathway to succeed”.

According to R. Sridhar, “Having coached extensively at all levels – from grassroots academies to the international level, I realise the short supply of contemporary-skilled coaches particularly at the grassroots level. Hence, if we lay emphasis on quality and standardisation of coaching skills and practices, we will improve the quality of cricketers coming through the ranks, thus creating a new crop of young cricketers and adding to the dominance of Indian cricket”.

The association will leverage on Ironwood’s innovation in new offerings and the leadership of the Advisory Board for the common goal.

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