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Hive Hostels is an initiation, headquartered in Mumbai, rocketed with the main motto to deliver a high-quality & technology-enabled shared-living experience to the students and professionals. The hostel includes 1500 beds spanning 16 properties across Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Dehradun, and Greater Noida. Being customer-oriented, they believe in providing high-end amenities and service-led housing ecosystem to cater to all your needs.

Statistically, over 20 million students and working professionals move within the country every year, searching for a living space. However, most of them have to settle for confined spaces, poorly-maintained infrastructure, and sub-standard amenities. With 24/7 security, medical assistance, on-demand Bicycle, rooftop chill zone, RFID and biometrics, gaming corner, workout & fitness zone, Hive Hostels is a well thought and planned property by a group of 6 friends that greases the wheels for students from 25 hostels in 7 cities across India and Singapore, to feel at home, away from home.

The company has set its inventory targets of reaching 8000 beds in 10-12 cities by 2022 and 20,000 beds in more than 20 cities by 2024. The creative minds behind Hive Hostels aim to reach their goal, ahead of the timeline witnessing the major traction from Mumbai and Delhi.

“I think a major part of a student’s life is spent in the hostel they stay in and hence it should not be confined to a room, rather a student must have access to amenities such as Gym, Library, Yoga room, Gaming zones, Cafeteria Etc. So, considering the fact that, unlike the past, this new generation is drawn together by lifestyle choices and prefers residential spaces that are more flexible and social, we thought of providing a safer and more reliable choice,” says Bharat Agarwal, Director, Hive Hostels.

The commercial settlement depends on the real-estate dynamics across different markets in India. They are inclusive of ancillary services and amenities with community-engagement programs. The well-planned research at Hive Hostels has enabled it to build a scalable offering by creating a compelling proposition for end-users. For instance, the Hive Hostels Application, via which customers can interact and provide feedback on the services and facilities explore & update food options, along with access to avail deals and discounts on nearby shops.

“I’ve lived in two different hostels for my first and second year and I chose Hive for third and it is my favorite so far, the food is usually a major concern which I never had to worry about here, it was great. Management helped us throughout, everything was very hygienic. If you’re looking for a safe, comfortable place near to the college, I highly recommend this,” says Avi Agarwal, a student living at Hive Hostel for a consecutive third year.

In this heightened crisis, Hive Hostels is taking proactive preventive measures like weekly sanitization, temperature check, mandatory PPE Kit for staff members, and Social distancing to safeguard the health and safety of the students and working professionals.

Mr. Siddharth Agarwal, President, Hive Hostels, says, “The the main motto behind introducing Hive Hostels is to offer a homely experience to every student and professional. We do not believe in compromising when it comes to the living space, hence, we have upgraded our facilities that are not only comforting but also set apart from others. We are now working towards giving Hive a more social outlook by adding a community perspective and adhering to the belief of practicing harmonious living by conducting workshops, organizing sports events, and other social gatherings. We plan to gradually over a period of next 2 years expand to all major cities where there is expected to be a large inflow of outstation students and to provide them the premium quality life at a very reasonable price.”

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