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Intelligent Education, a Delhi based education consultancy firm with an experience of 350+ student admissions to top colleges like HEC, LBS, LSE, Duke, Babson, UC Berkeley, Imperial, NUS, etc. where 98% of students have gotten an admit into their first choice of college with a 100% success rate in terms of admissions. The workshop will be for the students who are in their under-graduation college or who have passed out of college and are looking at top-tier admissions for post-graduate education and looking forward to apply overseas in top colleges. Admissions to these colleges require a stellar academic record but not just that, they require a stellar profile that shows a multidimensional student who is dynamic and enriching for the experience of the cohort. They are not looking for a jack of all trades but are having an eye for students who show a holistic profile and growth over the years.

This workshop will mainly cover how to work and build a profile which will lure to these colleges. The workshop will also cover the ways, facts, methods, and myth busters to a successful profile for these colleges. It is open to all age groups.

This workshop will be briefed by Ms. Shivangi Gupta, founder, Intelligent Education. She is a mentor and education counsellor who has helped many students realise their dreams and achieve their goals of overseas education. She specialises in Top tier college admissions in countries like USA, France, UK, Singapore etc.

This workshop will be pivotal for students who wish to go for a tier 1 master in their post-graduation and a game changer for sure!

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