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Institute of Bakery & Culinary arts, has announced scholarships worth Rs 1 crores to enable students to build careers. The minimum scholarship amount is Rs 10,000 and the maximum is Rs 1,00,000. The scholarship grants would depend on the course structure of the students. The scholarship is eligible for all courses at Institute of Bakery & Culinary arts,.

IBCA to offer scholarships to more than 300 students across the country for their Bakery and Culinary Arts  Courses. The institute aims to allocate scholarship seats for their advanced , Diploma ,certification courses .

Bakery and Culinary Arts careers. All our Courses follow an international curriculum to give students the right exposure for equipping them with the highest standards. IBCA follow strict guidelines that instil discipline and aptitude in students to prepare them as per the prevailing industry standards.

Deadline – 30th July  2022

Link – https://www.chefibpa.com/

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