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IIIT-Delhi will be co-organising the eleventh biennial conference of The Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE). This year’s conference will be based on the theme of Sustainable Societies, Ecological Systems and Economic Development with a focus on air, water, solid waste, energy, transport and health. It will cover issues related global environmental change, carbon neutrality, environmental regulation and governance, air quality, water, green energy and much more. The conference will be held at IIITD campus in New Delhi (India) during December 15-17, 2021.

The conference proposes to provide a platform for inter-disciplinary engagement on these issues and invites contributions from researchers including doctoral students, practitioners and policy-makers. Submissions that make a rigorous conceptual and methodological contribution of a theoretical or empirical nature will be selected for presentation after a two-step screening process. In the first stage, an extended abstract must be submitted by March 15th.

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