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Infinity Learn, an ed-tech initiative by Sri Chaitanya (a renowned educational institute for three decades and more), launched a digital video campaign #Sikhanewale to pay tribute to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. The campaign was launched on 4th September and will be live till 7th September.

The digital campaign echoes the theme of Teacher’s Day, which brings forward the emotions associated with this sacred and world’s greatest profession of teaching and the bond between the teacher and students. The philosophy behind this campaign is that there is no age, gender, or socioeconomic criteria required to teach and learn. It also depicts the importance of education and how much emotions are attached to this renowned profession.

The brand is in the education sector and has served more than a million students to achieve success in every field of life. They tried to impart a message about the importance of education in society and being a responsible citizen of the country. The brand is leveraging major social media platforms, influencer marketing, and YouTube ads to reach maximum hearts.

Speaking on this creative campaign #Sikhanewale, Mr. Ujjwal Singh, CEO, Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, said, “As we are going through a tough phase in our lives due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to re-emphasize the special bonding between teachers and the student community. So, we decided to come forward with this campaign to depict the importance of education and that there is no age barrier to learn”.

He further added, “The magic of brick and mortar will be to be reimagined in online education with Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, where we are attempting to bring this experience through the best of technology and teachers.”

The video campaign is the story of a sweet little kid Anya, her mother, and their maid. While Anya is playing a role of a teacher in front of her mother, the maid enters the room after shopping for household items. It leads to a discussion between the mother and a maid as the maid forgot to take back some money as she cannot calculate. Little Anya comes into the picture and explains how she was also weak in calculation earlier, but she learned it with proper teaching and patience. She further said that she would also be a teacher to her maid and teach her how to calculate. This innocence of her brought smiles to everyone’s face.

This video is a realistic and emotional experience for the viewers. It takes the audience through the hardships faced by uneducated people and the importance of education. This digital campaign is the creative vision of Social Panga.

All the characters in the video played a flawless role and completely justified it with their acting skills, especially Anya impressed the viewers with her sweetness and caring nature. Similarly, with their dialogue delivery, the mother and the maid gave this video a look at reality.

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