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In 2021, India reported the highest enrollments globally for Guided Projects on Coursera as ‘hands-on’ learning accelerated as a trend to show employers the ability to apply in-demand, new-age skills. Indian learners turned to beginner-level projects focused on digital marketing tools, including Google AdsGoogle AnalyticsWordPress, and Wix. As organizations increase investments in digital channels, entry- and mid-level digital marketing jobs are projected to grow in the coming years. Guided Projects are an efficient way to develop role-specific skills, be that web development or business analytics. Guided Projects teaching job-relevant technical skills including codingmachine learningAWS and soft skills like resume creation also featured among the top ten. 

Since their May’20 launch, Guided Projects have quickly become a popular way to learn new skills. Each project takes two hours or less to complete and incorporates hands-on learning through a virtual machine — no need to download tools or navigate software configuration.  

Here is the list of the ten most popular Guided Projects on Coursera in India in 2021: 

Most popular Guided Projects on Coursera in India in 2021 


Course Name 

Duration and Level 

Google Ads for Beginners 2 hours, beginner 

Build a Full Website using WordPress 2 hours, advanced 

Introduction to Basic Game Development using Scratch 2 hours, beginner 

Create a Resume and Cover Letter with Google Docs 2 hours, beginner 

Develop a Company Website with Wix 2 hours, beginner 

Getting Started in Google Analytics 1 hour, beginner 

AWS S3 Basics 2 hours, beginner 

Create a Website Using WordPress: Free Hosting & Sub-domain 2 hours, beginner 

Business Analysis & Process Management 2 hours, beginner 


Machine Learning Pipelines with Azure ML Studio 2 hours, beginner 

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