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Harappa, a homegrown edtech startup and India’s leading online institution for behavioral skilling today shared their findings on a survey whose responses will help institute India’s first Thrive Skills* Index. This is part of a series of surveys by Harappa, to gauge the growing importance of cognitive, social and behavioral skills and to give industry and academia a shared vocabulary to assess and evaluate students and professionals.

As an increasing number of workplaces evolve into remote and hybrid setups, the significance of Thrive Skills—an essential set of cognitive, social and behavioral skills that enable professionals to succeed at every stage of their career—is higher than ever before. Skills like the ability to communicate effectively and collaborate well with others, emotional intelligence and time management are becoming pivotal to workplace efficiency and productivity. However, existing terminology is fragmented, unstructured and often misleading. This survey explores the need to redefine the narrative and identify upskilling priorities for working professionals in the new year.

The survey revealed that 74% of respondents agree that ‘soft skills’ is an archaic term to describe cognitive, social and behavioral skills. Across the sample set, 75% of respondents feel that as opposed to the popularly used term, soft skills, Thrive Skills is a more apt definition for essential workplace skills. Indicative of a substantial foundational skills gap, 67% of respondents also shared that higher education isn’t enough to make graduates workplace-ready.

The survey also decoded some of the skill need-gaps that working professionals seek to bridge amid constantly evolving workplaces. According to responses, skillful teamwork is the top skill professionals aim to prioritize in 2022 followed by confident public-speaking and effective communication. Interestingly, for respondents with more than 15 years of work experience taking ownership is the skill they plan to prioritize in 2022.

Shreyasi Singh, Founder & CEO, Harappa, said, “What we live for at Harappa is making a genuine difference to our learners’ professional journeys. Learning as an adult is less about knowledge and more about action. It’s not what, and how much you study, it’s what you do every day, and the impact new skills enable for you. This survey has reaffirmed our belief that as the workplace evolves, so do the needs of professionals. By instituting a Thrive Skills Index, we aim to cocreate a more meaningful experience for our learners by understanding the nuances of of their professional journeys: peaks and challenges.”

The survey also uncovered the top 3 skill sets professionals look for in colleagues in 2022; efficient prioritization, personal credibility and resilience. Shedding some light on how leadership has evolved through the pandemic, the responses show that managerial courage, crisis management and productive delegation are the top 3 skills professionals look for in leaders.

The survey received participation from a diverse set of professionals at different stages of their career and across industries like marketing, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, IT, automotive, education etc.

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