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Asia’s Higher EdTech leader upGrad records INR 1 Crore+ CTC, with the highest being INR 1.23 Crore for in-demand courses like Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science.

According to upGrad’s Career Report released recently, the hiring trend has witnessed a predominant inclination for roles across Technology, Data Science and Data Analytics domains due to a strong need for expertise in cloud architecture, cybersecurity, full stack development and AI/ML disciplines. This has led the rebound in hiring with up to 42% growth during the April – September, FY 2022. upGrad’s year-end salary trend also witnessed a similar trajectory, with a significant jump for Technology roles as skill demands reached its peak, with learners receiving highest CTCs in the range of INR 1.23 Cr, INR 1.2 Cr and over INR 1 Cr. The Technology sector encashed on India’s Tech talent, with learners receiving high increments despite domain changes.

The data further revealed that Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science were some of the most popular courses in 2021, with demand for these expected to continue in 2022 as well. Furthermore, some learners received multiple offers from leading companies, proving that constant and continuous up-skilling is critical to strengthen career prospects.

Mayank Kumar, Co-Founder and MD, upGrad commented, “Our pedagogy has always aimed at delivering courses to drive higher employability, with industry relevant content backed by technology The encouraging results of the year-end data is a testimony to our commitment and while we are witnessing promising career outcomes, we will continue to diversify our product portfolio to support our existing and future learners in their LifeLongLearning journey.”

In a joint statement, Ajay Shah, Managing Founder and Husain Tinwala, Co-Founder, upGrad Rekrut, further added, “ With skill obsolescence becoming a prevalent challenge for the labour force, up-skilling & reskilling on regular intervals will be the trend going forward and professionals will need to upskill every 3 – 4 years to accelerate their career momentum, thereby completing the LifeLongLearning cycle. We will continue our efforts to secure the best placements for our learners with the best employers to ensure that our learners get a chance to apply their skills and drive strong career outcomes.”

To make India a $5 trillion economy, reskilling of the workforce is essential to make them future-ready. With an aim to achieve this goal, upGrad is committed to fast-forward the careers of working professionals and learners by preparing them for next-gen job roles that will require a different set of industry relevant skills to move up the corporate ladder.

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