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In a post-covid world where remote working and interacting through screens have become the norm, the English language has emerged as one of the most important skills for growth and for staying connected. Given the increasing demand for its courses, British Council, the world’s English experts have launched a new ‘Spoken English’ online course for adults to learn how to communicate with confidence.

From basic and personal communication skills to workplace and public speaking, this course has been specifically designed to improve language and critical thinking skills for a wide range of situations. First-time job seekers, those looking to upskill, re-enter the job market, or hone their English communication skills can benefit from this course.

Fully guided by expert British Council teachers, the course combines online live classes with activity-based learning. The course has two modules which focus on different skills such as presentation, interview, extempore, group discussion and conversation skills. The course curriculum consists of extensive speaking practice, strategies, and techniques for effective communication and on-the-spot extempore.

The course also provides flexible learning options where one can select the number of learning hours and duration of the course based on their own learning needs In addition to this, participants will also receive a British Council e-certificate on successful completion of the course.


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