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National Skill Development Corporation Partner and India’s professional educational firm Imarticus Learning has launched yet another free certification course in Financial Markets and Assets. The course went live on the website on 26th May 2020. Earlier this month, the firm also launched free certification courses in Advanced Excel.

The latest course underlines the brand’s commitment to offering quality education and keeping students engaged productively during the COVID-19 lockdown. The course offers an industry renowned certification in just 15 hours. It covers an overview of financial systems and the landscape, equities as an investing strategy, fixed income, bonds, and debentures and the money market, forex, and commodity markets.

Additionally, learners would also be taken through the basics of futures, options, and other derivative instruments. Aside from being a mere academic course, the lessons will also prepare learners for the future and will help them make informed choices such as where and when to invest and how assets work.

Speaking on the launch Founder and Managing Director, Imarticus, Nikhil Barshikar said, “Recent times have seen a major increase in the demand for skilled professionals. During the lockdown, when everyone is at home, learning a skill can immensely benefit students and professionals, giving them an edge over their peers in the highly-competitive jobs market. Our financial markets and assets course will give learners a strong foundation in the field and will help them in real life too.”

He added, “Accessing online classes has never been easier, thanks to the advent of technology. You simply need to register and dedicate a particular amount of time towards the course and you will be able to hone your existing skills or learn new ones. Considering the success of the previous courses that we launched, we decided to launch this one and we are confident that it will prove to be useful for learners in the long run.”

Founded in 2012, Imarticus learning is committed to upskill users and help them keep up with the fast-paced and ever-evolving industry.

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