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During the unfortunate times when the novel coronavirus has reached India with a total of 147 cases reported in the country so far, Illumnus, an ed-tech startup by IIT Bombay & BITS Pilani alumni, is offering FREE Learning Management Services to any interested schools, institutes or individual teachers. With the vision of transforming education and one goal in mind “Learning should never stop, No matter what”, the idea has already been successfully implemented in the educational institutions in Dubai that have also been struck with the COVID-19 virus, such as the ‘Arab Unity School’. The response received has been positive and the brand intends to promote this newly formed plan amongst all the interested parties in India as well.

Illumnus aims at forming strategies that will empower schools, colleges and institutions to provide the best B2B SaaS-based collaborative Learning Management Software (LMS) for an effective and continued education during this shut down. Owing to the rate of fatality due to this virus across the globe, the Indian government has decided to prepone the vacations for the students in the country. The spring break was scheduled to begin around mid-April and would have lasted for 3 weeks, but now the schools have been shut down from 8th March and may remain closed until 31 March or even more depending on the situation. This has adversely affected the education system and it is like the knowledge dissemination through various educational institutions is at a standstill. But, with the use of this easy to use platform, an individual does not need any other app or platform to complement it. It is a wholesome product, which does anything and everything to enhance learning and ease communication between the parents, students and institutions.

Multiple Major events have also been cancelled due to medical emergency, and schools are looking forward on providing virtual teaching assistance (Distance/E-Learning) to students so that the learning process is not ceased due to the ongoing scenario. Aiding in this process, with the aim of providing virtual schooling to students, Illumnus is offering FREE Learning Management Services to any interested clients, as long as this problem persists. The core product is a B2B SaaS-based collaborative Learning Management Software (LMS) for premier academic institutes: Schools, Colleges, Universities and Coaching Institutions. The brand’s mission is to bring education to students when students can’t reach education, and this is the test of our existence. Illumnus’s Collaborative Learning Management System (C-LMS) provides premier educational institutions with their internal digital learning network, simplifying the communication flow among the students and teachers even after school hours. At the same time, this integrated system caters administration and parents too, with real-time monitoring and performance tracking.

Speaking about this rather revolutionary step, Akash Singhal, Founder & CEO, Illumnus said, “We are a startup that was formed with the objective of creating and curating the best platform for propagating education amongst individuals, breaking all social constraints of classroom learning and so it is our extended duty that we do not let knowledge come to a halt, no matter what. Therefore, this initiative is to support the entire education sector in the country, without letting the fatal virus affect our teaching system. After the positive response that we have received from Dubai, I am sure it will be a major success in India as well.”

Any individual teacher who wishes to keep imparting knowledge, or an institute looking for ways to tackle this situation, can connect with the brand and the best assistance and services will be provided to make this a smooth transition for the education sector.

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