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Indian Institute of Technology Madras Phase 1 of campus placements for the 2021-22 Academic Year began today (1st December 2021) by setting a new record.

A total of 176 offers have been made by 34 Companies during Day One’s Session 1.1 today (1st December 2021). This is higher than any of the preceding Academic Years. During the preceding academic year of 2020-21, 123 offers were made by 22 companies at the end of Session 1.1.

A total of 11 International Offers were received from Four Companies by the End of Session 1.1.

Further, during the current 2021-22 Academic Year, IIT Madras students received 231 PPOs. Thus, a total number of 407 job offers have been received by the end of the 1.1 session.

The main recruiters of this year’s first session include Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Bajaj Auto, Bain and Company, Goldman Sachs, Qualcomm, Boston Consulting Group, JP Morgan Chase & Co, and McKinsey. The Phase I of Placements is expected to continue till 10th December 2021.

In the second and final slot of Day One Placements (Session 1.2) that is being held between 4 pm to mid-night today, 32 companies are recruiting for 68 profiles. These companies include Amazon, Groww, Flipkart, Intel, Samsung and Twitter.

Commenting on this year’s Placements, Prof. C.S. Shankar Ram, Advisor (Training and Placement), IIT Madras, said, “This fantastic performance by our students is a testament to their academic training and quality, and the value that they bring to their recruiters. The Institute Placement team has worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible job opportunities for our students. I hope that we continue to place more students in jobs that meet their aspirations over the next few days.”

The Top Recruiters of Session 1.1 include

Ø Microsoft India Pvt. Ltd. – 19 Offers

Ø Texas Instruments – 15 Offers

Ø Bajaj Auto Ltd. – 15 Offers

Ø Goldman Sachs -10 Offers

Ø Bain and Company – 10 Offers

Ø Boston Consulting Group – 8 Offers

Ø Qualcomm – 8 Offers

Ø J P Morgan Chase & Co –7 offers

Ø McKinsey & Company – 7 Offers

A total of 1,498 students have registered for placements in the 2021-22 Academic Year, across different streams of study. The total number of companies that have registered for Phase I Placements is 382. They will be recruiting for a total of 738 profiles.

Sharing his experience on the online placement process this year, Mr. S. Sidhartha Narayan, Academic Affairs Secretary and an Under Graduate student in Engineering Physics, IIT Madras, said, “The placement drive, is being conducted virtually for the second time this year. The response from the recruiters has been great as always and the team is better prepared. We are thankful to the recruiters for showing great levels of interest in hiring talent from our campus.”

Sharing his experience in participating in online placements, Mr. Anirudh S, a student from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering who secured an international job offer in Rubrik this year, said, “The 2021-22 Placement Season at IIT Madras being conducted virtually, provided its own set of challenges to both the students and the organising team. The team was supportive throughout the placement process, especially during the interview stage where they had a humongous task on their hands, managing scheduling conflicts. It was a rewarding experience, made even more so by the wonderful set of people behind the scenes!”

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